Concept Development From Idea to Production

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About this Event

Explore the notion of how to take an idea and get it ready for production.

Topics covered will be: brainstorming your idea and how to open up your creativity; outlining and script writing; imagining shots and creating a shot list; storyboarding on your own without an expensive artist (even if you can’t draw); the proper language to describe your shots to a cinematographer; how to think of angles and composition even if you’re not a photographer; how to pitch your idea in 3 minutes or less; and how to organize your shoot day so that you know how to manage yourself, your crew and your actors/subjects. Participants must bring at least 1 idea that they wish to workshop on the day.

Date And Time

Wed, Jan 01, 2025

16:00 – 18:00


76 Geary Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2B5, Canada

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